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Exactly a year ago from its implementation of the 1343 Action Line on Human Trafficking, which is on a 24/7 call basis, introduces this 1343 Website on Human Trafficking.  This Website will complement the Action Line’s purpose in responding to requests for assistance, inquiries and referrals involving suspected human trafficking activities. It will fast-track the referral and follow-up of cases,   efficiently direct immediate assistance to human trafficking victims and disseminate to bigger audience information on Human Trafficking.


DECEMBER 2015         

Responding to Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Times of Crisis
Reducing the Vulnerabilities of Crisis Affected Populations, Including Migrants, in Preparedness, Response and Recovery Efforts
Sarah Craggs, Laura Lungarotti, Michela Macchiavello, Agnés Tillinac,
International Organization for Migration


Trafficking in persons is a complex and serious crime. The short- and long-term physical and emotional implications can be debilitating and life altering for the victims. The MICIC Initiative aims to help save lives and protect the rights and dignity of migrants. While it is well recognized that trafficking in persons takes place in times of peace, it can equally take place in times of crisis.  Migrants are abused, exploited, and lose their lives at the hands of human traffickers in times of armed conflict or natural disaster. This dimension, however, is largely overlooked by governmental and non-governmental actors alike and merits specific attention.

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Cover of “The Other Migrant Crisis” Research Paper released by IOM

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region especially in the Gulf has continuously attracted migrants from around the world due to the region’s oil boom and dramatic upsurge of all kinds of construction.


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