Step 1: Reporter accesses the 1343 Website

Step 2: Receipt and Recording.

          The reporter will fill-up the following information indicated in the report now section of the website:

  1. Full Name
  2. Telephone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Complete Addres

Step 3: Reporter shall initially identify the nature of case report.

Step 4: Reporter will provide the details of the case report or incident then submit for the approriate agencies actions.

Step 5: Verification and Action.

The government agency or institution to which the case was referred will retrieve the information sent on a regular basis. It shall review the information gathered from the referral and utilize all means to verify the details of the case. A turn-around time of 24 hours shall be observed for crisis calls and requests for general information and at least 48 hours for cases that require specialized intervention (i.e., repatriation, reintegration, assistance, verification, etc.)

Step 6: Monitoring and Databanking.

The CFO shall help monitor the case and provide feedback to the reporter. The CFO shall develop individual case profiles and input the same in its Case Monitoring System (if not a trafficking case) and the PHILIST System (if a verified trafficking case). Regular reports conferences between the various government agencies shall be held to monitor the agencies' response to the reports.