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Exactly a year ago from its implementation of the 1343 Action Line on Human Trafficking, which is on a 24/7 call basis, introduces this 1343 Website on Human Trafficking.  This Website will complement the Action Line’s purpose in responding to requests for assistance, inquiries and referrals involving suspected human trafficking activities. It will fast-track the referral and follow-up of cases,   efficiently direct immediate assistance to human trafficking victims and disseminate to bigger audience information on Human Trafficking.

Speech by Secretary Imelda M. Nicolas
Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)


Good morning, on behalf of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) and the Advocacy and Communications Committee of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking  (IACAT-ADVOCOM), I would like to thank the Inter-Agency Council Against Child Pornography (IACACP) for this  opportunity to be  part of another worthy advocacy,   this time against child pornography.



TFT Team
The Filipino Times


The Filipino Times UAE PHL raise awareness ramp up campaigns vs human trafficking

DUBAI: Today, human trafficking victims no longer have to fear for their lives and for their security as both the governments of the UAE and the Philippines intensify campaigns to combat the crime in all its forms—from illegal recruitment to exploitation. All they have to do is reach out to the authorities and report their case. Help will promptly be on its way.


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