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Exactly a year ago from its implementation of the 1343 Action Line on Human Trafficking, which is on a 24/7 call basis, introduces this 1343 Website on Human Trafficking.  This Website will complement the Action Line’s purpose in responding to requests for assistance, inquiries and referrals involving suspected human trafficking activities. It will fast-track the referral and follow-up of cases,   efficiently direct immediate assistance to human trafficking victims and disseminate to bigger audience information on Human Trafficking.



On 29 April 2015, the COMMISSION ON FILIPINOS OVERSEAS (CFO), a government agency under the Office of the President and ARELLANO LAW FOUNDATION (ALF) through its Office of the Legal Aid (OLA), entered into an Agreement to help indigent individuals to have an access with legal service and not to be deprived in their course of justice.



Around 130 men and women from Manila, Ilocos, Abra and Bicol stood in front of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) last Friday, March 27, 2015 with the hope of working abroad. They were recruited through Facebook and promised work as dairy farm assistants, farm workers, nurses and healthcare workers in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Korea. The alleged illegal recruiter instructed the unknowing victims to pay a processing fee between P 130,000.00 - P215,000.00 through bank and personal transactions for the supposed paperwork necessary for overseas employment.


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